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Please read carefully and understand this Policy before providing your Personal Information to OHCS or allowing OHCS to collect your Personal Information.


This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) is aimed at assisting you to understand the privacy details about how OHCS manage your Personal Information that you provide at OHCS website when you are using any portion of the website (recruitment, examination etc.) including how OHCS collect, process and transmit your Personal Information, etc.

Personal Information referred to in this Policy means all your data that OHCS acquires when you browse OHCS website and use OHCS website including recruitment, examination etc. Personal Data mentioned in this Policy refers to the Personal Information that can be used to identify an individual on its own or in combination with other information.

This Policy applies to OHCS websites including recruitment, examination etc. that display or provide links to this Policy. Once you use OHCS website, you shall be deemed to have read, agreed and accepted all terms and conditions stated in this Policy as well as all the changes we have made at any time. OHCS respects and protects your personal privacy.


1. How OHCS collects your Personal Information

In order to provide services to you, we will collect your Personal Information by the following ways no matter whether it is the Personal Data prescribed in this Policy or not:


1.1 Personal Information you provide to OHCS when you browse OHCS website and use OHCS services

For example, 1) The Personal Information that you submitted to set up and generate a personal account before using OHCS services; and 2) The Personal Information that you provide to OHCS to contact you for support.


1.2 Information you provide to OHCS when you send us a query, suggestion, or request

For example, after providing your Personal Data to OHCS, you may want to know how we use and process your Personal Data and whether we disclose your Personal Data to third parties or not, or you may contact us to request deletion of your Personal Data.


1.3 Service-related information collected by OHCS website

For example, 1) we may collect necessary information to activate your account when you register as an applicants on OHCS website.

1.4 Personal Information collected when you use third party’s services or applications

As permitted by law, we may collect your Personal Information from third party’s social networking services or pre-installed third-party applications when you use them.


2. Types of Personal Information that may be collected by OHCS

2.1 Basic personal information

i. Registration information: such as phone number, name, date of birth, nationality, age and your city, etc.


ii. Account information: such as profile picture, delivery address, e-mail address, etc.


iii. Other basic information we may collect from you from time to time.

Apart from the Personal Data mentioned in this Policy, Personal Information collected by OHCS may also include non-identifiable information. Non-identifiable information refers to the Personal Information that could not lead to the identification of an individual, such as the number of visits to OHCS website.

When we process your Personal Data based on this Privacy Policy or applicable laws, OHCS entity who makes contact with you, or replies to your request is the controller of your Personal Data.


3. How OHCS use your Personal Information,

OHCS shall comply with applicable legal requirements when using your Personal Information. Such requirements generally include:

i. Processing of Personal Data on the basis of your consent with regard to a specific purpose;

ii. Processing of your Personal Data for the fulfillment of legal obligations;

iii. Data processing that is necessary for your application as submitted;


iv. Data processing carried out for the legitimate interests pursued by OHCS or a third party. Such legitimate interests include:

1) Safety of OHCS services, websites and its clients;

2) OHCS property and honorary rights and interests, including fixed assets, intangible assets, goodwill, etc;

3) OHCS internal management needs;

4) OHCS provision of services to users or services to clients;

5) Other legitimate interests of OHCS or of a third party;


v. Data processing that is necessary for protecting the vital interests of the data subject or of another neutral person;

vi. Data processing carried out for the performance of a task related to the public interest;


We may use your Personal Information for the following purposes:

i. Provide you with registration service and account management service.

ii. Analyze your preference to improve user experience.

iii. Provide information which may interest you with your permission.

iv. Feedback error report, locate quickly to solve abnormal issues.

v. Provide convenience for your information backup.

vi. Preference configuration to improve the quality of the service.


4. How OHCS disclose your Personal Information

Under the relevant applicable laws, OHCS may disclose your Personal Information under the following situations:

i. OHCS may share your Personal Information within its internal group.


ii. OHCS may share your Personal Information with reliable partners or service providers. For example, when our partner is providing a service, OHCS may share with the partner the necessary information, to provide you with better service.

iii. Disclose your Personal Information if required by law. In order to execute or to assist in executing some legal or administrative procedures, OHCS may provide your Personal Information to the relevant law enforcement agencies or government sectors.

iv. OHCS may disclose your Personal Information under other circumstances where such disclosure is required for universal justice as deemed by OHCS. Such circumstances include the disclosure to prevent personal injury or death or to avoid significant property losses or to protect social public interest.


5. How to access, modify and delete your Personal Data

As the user of the services, you are obliged to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the Personal Data you provided and carefully keep your Personal Data safe (ID Number, Password etc). We will protect and update your Personal Data on time and ensure your normal use of the services.

In accordance with your rights under relevant applicable law, you may exercise: 1) right of access, i.e. the right to have access to your Personal Data held by OHCS and to know whether your Personal Data is being processed or not; 2) right to rectification, i.e. the right to request rectification of the inaccurate Personal Data we hold concerning you; 3) right to erasure, i.e. the right to request us to erase the Personal Data concerning you; 4) right to restriction of processing, i.e. the right to restrict our processing of your Personal Data; 5) right to object, i.e. the right to object to our processing of your Personal Data; 6) right to data portability, i.e. the right to request us to……. where technically feasible.

While you are exercising your rights under the applicable law, we may investigate the legality and rationality of your request. If we have reasonable grounds or suspect that your request is deceptive, repetitive or infringes upon the rights and freedom of third parties, or if we are unable to get through the investigation, we may ask you to provide further information or may refuse to process your request. Request shall be in written form in order to protect your legitimate rights and interests. After receiving your request, we will process within the period of time as prescribed by the OHCS Service Charter. If you consider that we are in violation of applicable law and have infringed your legitimate rights, you may file a complaint with the authority for the protection of Personal Data in order to resolve the issue. WHICH AUTHORITY?????



6. Security measures OHCS take to protect your Personal Information

OHCS will provide security measures to its website users. OHCS will take reasonable and practicable measures to protect the Personal Data that it collects and prevent your Personal Data from being accessed, tampered, disclosed or destroyed by unauthorized third parties(………). For example, when you access OHCS website account, we have user validation procedure or password retrieve procedure to ensure the security of your account.

In the matter of the storage of Personal Data, we have provided security measures to ensure your Personal Data will be stored in the secure server, and we will control and protect all the Personal Data. We will determine the storage period of your Personal Data in accordance with the terms and conditions of applicable law. From the perspective of protecting you and your privacy right to the maximum extent, except as otherwise compulsorily stated by law, we will limit the period for which your Personal Data is stored to a strict minimum degree provided that it satisfies the data processing purposes prescribed in this Policy. Our criteria for how long we keep Personal Data mainly include the following two points: 1) time needed to store Personal Data for completing the relevant services; 2) terms and conditions of applicable law.

In addition, there are duties of confidentiality in the contract signed between OHCS and its partners. If a partner breaches the confidentiality obligation in the contract and brings about losses to the obligee, OHCS will impose legal liabilities on the partner and terminate the business relationship with the partner.

There is no absolutely safe website, Internet transmission, computer system and wireless connections. Except the necessary protective measures we have taken, users have to strengthen the awareness of privacy security risks. For example, when skipping to third party websites, links and services through our website, please carefully read through the terms and conditions or privacy policies of such websites, links, and services regarding the security of the data and information collected by them. OHCS shall not be liable for any actions you take thereof. If you find certain contents, advertisements, or functions in our website or services that may be possibly provided by third parties, and may possibly endanger your privacy and security, please contact OHCS at and we will handle with priority.


7. How OHCS handle Personal Data of minors

Minors are not allowed to use OHCS products and services.





8. Services from third parties

OHCS’s privacy policy does not apply to any services provided by third parties. You may receive links of websites, contents and services from third parties when you use OHCS services. Please carefully read and understand the privacy policy of third parties before you submit any data and information, for OHCS cannot control third parties and cannot require them to abide by OHCS's Policy.


9. Complement to the Policy

This Policy mainly lays out how OHCS will collect, process and transmit your Personal Information when you browse OHCS website and use OHCS services. However, it is impossible to complete enumeration on how we collect data, what kind of data OHCS collect, how OHCS use and process the data and the conditions on how we disclose the data in this Policy.

10. Update of this Policy

OHCS reserves the right to modify this Policy. If this Policy is modified, OHCS will publish the latest policy on OHCS official website as below:


11. How to contact OHCS

OHCS has appointed a Data Protection Officer. For any questions in relation to the protection of personal privacy, please contact our Data Protection Officer by filling out the form attached to this Policy and sending the completed form to our email address at If you have any questions or suggestions about this Policy, please contact us by the following address:


Phone: 0302952371

Address: Box M49, Ministries- Accra



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